Monday, February 09, 2004

The webtrends program that comes with my web host never seemed to answer the important question: What is the main entry point for my site and where does it come from? So I wrote my own database? This is really odd...but the search engine entry point for my Salt Lake site is the page: Sears Home Center.

In an attempt to pay for web hosting, I made a page for each of the affiliate programs I joined. The idea was to minimize the impact of the ads. Why the search engines like this page, I have not a clue. About 1 in 80 of the people who see the site click on the ad. My guess is that the rest are disappointed.

My new thought is that I need to go through each site. Figure out the main entry points then redesign from there.

BTW, I am completely unprepared for the IIES meeting tonight. I am getting better at the communicating on the internet where the format is open, but not that good in the face to face stuff.

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