Saturday, January 17, 2004

A penny saved is a penny and a half earned...In his original equation, Franklin forgot to take in the effect of taxes.

If you really want to be happy in life, then spend less time trying to push the edge of consumption, and more time getting the most of what you have.

BTW: If job creation is the primary goal of the economy, then why do we put the heaviest tax burden on the thing we want to happen? Taxes generally discourage the activity being taxed. So massive taxes on wages discourage jobs.

I was thinking about the poor job report this last week. Only 1000 new jobs were created. However the unemployment rate fell.

There is an infinite number of jobs in the world. The problem is that people haven't dropped their wage expectation enough to take the lower paying jobs. What this really seems to mean is that people are spending more time on leisure...why is that bad?

The reason it is bad is because the way we have our business structure set up, individuals have to be working at full tilt 100% of the time to survive...even though the greatest challenge in most businesses today is excess capacity.

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