Monday, November 10, 2003

My presentation on transfinite theory did not go quite as well I would have hoped. Of course, this was the first time I tried my hand at public speaking since high school. Not only that, I had given myself some extremely difficult obstacles to surmount. The first was that half the audience were not familiar with the theory. I wanted to give these people an unbiased view that would show both the positive and negative side of the debate.

I also forgot to mention transfinite theory was essentially based upon the same dialectical method developed by Kant and Hegel that were used by Freud, Marx, Jung and others. The basic formula was to inject, at a metaphysical layer, a thesis, antithesis and catharsis.

The truth is that Cauchy had developed an adequately rigorous foundation for the Calculus. What Cantor did was to inject a the dialectics at a metaphysical level. Mathematics is simply waiting for enough of the vanguard that is propounding the theory to die off. When they are dead and gone, the disease will eventually cure itself, just as economics and psychology have gradually been curing from the diseases caused by Freud and Marx.

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