Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hi, I won the idiot of the month award! I designed a quick admin page for a site. Since it was for quick administration, I didn't add much security. I just gave the page an odd name, and never added any links to the site. The really big mistake was that I added a link that would let me delete elements on the page. Anyway, I accessed the page with a computer that was running Alexa. Anyway, apparently decided to run a scan of the admin page. It dutifully executed all of the delete links.

Fortunately, I have current backups. But I still deserve a whack upside the head for my short sighted design.

Lesson learned. Never have anything on a web page that performs a database operation as the result of a click.

On the commercial side, I added a silly ad page for Surplus Computers. I doubt it will save me from my financial doom. See, I proved that I am a fool. I need money to be parted from!

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