Saturday, August 09, 2003

Been There. Done That.

I can now add downloading and playing an internet movie to my "been there, done that" list.

I downloaded the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets flick from MovieLink. I used the paid service MovieLink because I happen to be one of those old fashioned drones that hold the outdated ideal that people should pay for the things they use. Anyway, the movie was 850 MB. It took 8 hours to download over DSL. The MovieLink download manager worked well. The download manager let me turn off the download when I wanted to surf the net. So the download didn't get in the way of the other stuff I was doing. I eventually just let the download run overnight.

MovieLink is a bit anal about rights, and they had annoying things flashing at me about rights. Sheeshkkk, you would think they would realize that the people using their service are the goodguys who are using their program specifically not to pirate their work, and would have cooled it on the copyright messages.

I think everyone interested in the technology, copyright, etc., should try the program. You get your first movie for half price. The list price for the HP movie was $5. I paid $2.57 for the movie. It was a fun program. Unfortunately, I am broke. So I don't know if I will use it again. Hopefully there will be other distributors in the pay for download market.

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