Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I confess, I haven't been updating the blog regularly. As you see, my addiction eats into the available time I have for blogging.

This isn't the type of thing you want to say in public, but, well, when the PC first came out I started playing Rogue.

Yes, that's right, I am an addict of the silly little game where you are an @ symbol running through a fixed space font maze battling letters of the alphabet. Players of rogue usually several terrible bloody deaths at the hands of Hs, Cs, Ts and the dreaded W.

Those few times you get past the Ws...Rogue players find themselves face to face with Gs, Us, Vs and the almost invincible D. The Ds are able to through dashes at you. The Vs take away your hit points and the Gs can run faster your @ sign.

Earlier this year, I discovered a java version of Rogue on the internet. I was safe at the time. My laptop did not have a keypad...so I was able to stay away from the maze.

But, with my expensive new computer, I can start playing rogue again.

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