Saturday, May 03, 2003

Big news. My order from just arrived. I got a new PCMCIA Network Interface Card (to replace the one that got broken on my mother's laptop.) It is a 3Com card with an x-jack adapter. Hopefully it will last longer than the Linksys self destructing dongle cards. I had been using a USB NIC on my laptop...So I put the USB NIC on my parent's machine, and will use the PCMCIA card. (I like to make things complicated).

The other thing in the box was an CD Writer. For those of you who have been deligently following my computer woes. My laptop has been suffering from bad clusters. All of the bad clusters are at the end of the drive. With the CD Writer, I am finally able to create secure back I made back ups of all my photo files, deleted the lot and did a defrag. Hopefully, I can get a few more months from this worn tired laptop.

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