Saturday, April 09, 2016

Closed Primary

It looks like the presidential primary will come down to New York.

New York has a closed primary. Independents cannot change their party affiliation to vote in the primary.

Understandably, this situation has many independent New Yorkers feeling put off. Crazy people are in love with Sanders and the maladjusted simply can't get enough of Trump.

Considering that primaries determine the candidates for offices, there is a strong argument for open primaries.

But, even with open primaries, parties are parties. The partisan primary system still creates candidates that are partisan first and American second.

The fact that New York could seal the presidential nomination for Trump and Clinton might get people to question the inherent absurdity of our parties and foundational ideologies of these things.

The US Founders despised the factions of the King's Court and the partisanship which dominates modern politics is counter to the ideals of this nation.

This partisanship is at the heart of the erosion of our liberties.

Partisan ideologies might take a few ideas and images related to the ideals of liberty. But the partisan ideologies pervert the ideals and make them subservient to the partisanship itself.

So, while our candidates this political season are disappointing, perhaps the campaign might become a catalyst for people to start questioning the parties.

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